Below we have collated medical research and articles about the demand for medical oxygen


Meeting oxygen needs in Africa: an options analysis from the Gambia
Acute respiratory infection, principally pneumonia, remains the leading cause of death in young children worldwide.13 Case management of pneumonia is a key component of the WHO Integrated Management of Childhood Illness strategy...
Oxygen is an essential medicine: a call for international action
Hypoxaemia is commonly associated with mortality in developing countries, yet feasible and cost-effective ways to address hypoxaemia receive little or no attention in current global health strategies.
Coronavirus exposes Africa’s oxygen problem
As a viral respiratory pandemic sweeps the world, the machine that breathes for patients – a ventilator – has become essential life-saving medical equipment, and is in short supply. But there’s also a desperate shortage in Africa of something we all take for granted – oxygen
Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen is a lifesaving therapeutic medical gas which can improve clinical outcomes for children suffering from severe pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. Unfortunately, oxygen therapy remains an inaccessible luxury for many ill children.
‘Suffering, gasping’: experts warn of oxygen shortages
AS the coronavirus pandemic bears down on vulnerable nations in Africa and South Asia, experts say there are only weeks to help fill chronic shortages of what medics need to help people breathe.
Not ventilators, but oxygen itself.
Oxygen Therapy Survey - Medical Equipment COVID-19
Oxygen is an essential medicine that is used to treat critical and severe patients infected with COVID19.  Securing oxygen supply and safely administering oxygen therapy requires a holistic and integrated system of technologies and products from the oxygen source.
More than half of sub-Saharan Africans lack access to electricity
IN MOST PARTS of the world energy demand is growing too quickly to keep greenhouse-gas emissions within international targets, according to a reportreleased today by the International Energy Agency (IEA), a think-tank.
Breathing Again: Pumping up Kenya’s Oxygen Supply
More often than not, whenever people complain about a shortage of drugs in the health facilities, not much thought is given to medical oxygen.
In Poor Countries, Many Covid-19 Patients Are Desperate for Oxygen
Aid agencies are scrambling to get oxygen equipment to low-income countries where the coronavirus is rapidly spreading.
Oxygen shortages plague Africa, S.Asia

Surveys throughout Africa have shown that less than half of hospitals have oxygen available on wards at any given time.
If you don't have something like an oxygen system you find yourself helpless. - Adamu Isah, Save the Children: Nigeria
Opinion: We're not fighting hard enough against the top killer of children
Five years ago governments made an important promise to the world’s children. Enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals, the world’s ambitious but achievable targets for 2030 embraced by 193 countries...