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How do i order a Solar Oxygen container?

Please fill out the details in the 'constructor' tool. It will tell you immediatly the price and amount of oxygen generated. Once you've submitted your details, we will contact you for further information, technical details and payment arrangments. 

Please be aware there is an additional charge for shipping and generally customes clearance unless you have a waiver form. 

How do I install a Solar Oxygen container?

The Solar Oxygen container needs installation and commissioning by a trained electrician. We will assist you throughout the process of of choosing the right partners to install the solar panels and commission the system. If requested, we can offer to send one of our engineers to oversee and train local electricians to carry out the installation and future maintenance. 

Who is behind the Solar Oxygen Container?

The Solar Oxygen container is designed and manufactured by Off-Grid Europe. Off-Grid Europe are experts in renewable, off-grid energy systems to use in various applications; from critical infrastructure to every day energy supply in remote locations. Along with our services we do extensive research and development in the field of energy monitoring, application, storage and distribution. 

Off-Grid Europe thrives to create real positive change through innovative egineering. We will continue to research and develop new products to improve the quality of life where required. 

How big is the system?

The Solar Oxygen Container is a standard 20' shipping container which is not modified on the outside. This means we can easily ship it anywhere in the world as 'normal' sea freight and can be transported on a truck to its final destination. 

Where do you ship to?

Anywhere. We work with highly specialied shipping companies who are experienced in world-wide relief aid and know how to reach the even remotest places. 

How much does it cost?

Costs depend on the system size and oxygen production required. As we understand that the cost factor is mostly the deciding factor, we've build a 'Constructor' tool so you can immediatly see the costs and oxygen production for your location.

Please dont forget to allow additional costs for the installation and shipping.

Whats the lead-time of the Solar Oxygen container?

Production of the Solar Oxygen container usually takes 4-8 weeks. 

Shipping, depending where you are, takes 4-6 weeks.