produces oxygen for medical treatments. Powered by solar energy, the system is operational world-wide and independent of unreliable grids and supply chains.

Oxygen Treatment
Oxygen treatment has been used in medicine for almost 100 years, but in developing countries most seriously ill newborns, children and adults do not have access to oxygen or the simple test that can detect hypoxaemia. The problem has been compounded in these days of COVID-19 pandemic. Improving access to oxygen and pulse oximetry (instrument used to measure blood oxygen levels)  has demonstrated a reduction in mortality from childhood pneumonia by up to 35% in high-burden child pneumonia settings. 
Access to reliable energy supply, which is required to produce medical oxygen, poses to this day a barrier. 17% of the global population lack access to electricity. 95% of these in sub-Saharan African or developing Asia, and around 80% are in rural areas. (IEA – International Energy Agency Energy Poverty). 
Our Solution
The SOLAROXYGEN system consists of a fully off-grid power system, oxygen condenser and a high pressure cylinder filling pump integrated into a single plug-and-play oxygen generation plant that is powered by the sun. It is built by a multi skilled team in our factory in Southern Germany.  As the system is is fully integrated and self-contained it can be used anywhere in the world and is independent of unreliable grids and supply chains.

The SOLAROXYGEN system aims to alleviate the chronic shortage of medical oxygen often found in low- and middle-income countries by harnessing the sun’s power.
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